SBR Cuckoos ‘Meet and Greet’ a Success!

Ethan Myerson, Tucson Audubon Society director of development/communications (photo by SBR Cuckoo team member Sherree Gillaspie)

Deb Sandin

On a beautiful sun-drenched afternoon, the SBR Cuckoo Birdathon team welcomed Tucson Audubon Society’s Director of Development/Communications Ethan Myerson to the SaddleBrooke Ranch Event Patio for a kick-off of their fundraising efforts. Calling himself a “professional beggar,” he reminded our guests that this fundraising activity helps to support the work of Tucson Audubon Society—protecting birds, restoring their habitats, and making sure they can be enjoyed by all for generations.

He asked us to recall how devastating the Bighorn wildfire of 2020 was to the nearby Santa Catalina Mountains and surrounding national forest lands. Devouring countless acres of centuries-old, stately saguaros, the lightning-caused conflagration destroyed everything in its path. These cacti will need to be replaced to ensure this keystone of the desert thrives.

Many birds, the insects they feed on, and nearly 100 other species rely on this iconic symbol of Southwestern Arizona to provide food and shelter. The Tucson Audubon Society and partners are undertaking a massive three-year project to replant 14,000 saguaros!

The fundraising efforts of the SBR Cuckoos “Big Day” Birdathon on April 26 will help support all the vital workings of the Tucson Audubon Society. Through the raffle of Jim Hoagland’s roadrunner photo and generous donations by attendees and supporters at the kick-off, the SBR Cuckoos raised almost $2,500 of their $7,500 goal.

You too can support the SBR Cuckoos’ endeavors by donating through this link to our fundraising website:

Hurry, the Birdathon campaign ends on May 7. So please visit today, donate, and join in the fun with a challenge pledge.

For the last three years, the Cuckoos have a goal of identifying 100 different birds in a 24-hour period. They got as close as 99 birds last year—third time’s a charm!