SBR Tennis Intra-Club league fun!

SBRTA members playing at the Women’s Intra-league

SBRTA members playing at the Women’s Intra-league

The SBRTA recently formed a Women’s Intra-League at the 5.5 level. Women players were allowed to put together a doubles team with a combined rating of 5.5 or lower. That meant a 3.0 player could team with a 2.5 player, or a 3.5 player could team with a 2.0 player, etc. as long as the team’s combined rating did not exceed 5.5.

The month-long league started May 1 but by the third week all matches finished. There were four teams entered, and they were allowed to schedule their own matches against each other.

There was a total of nine matches played, each of the four teams played the other three teams once.

The 5.5 Women’s intra-league winners were the team of Sheila Bray and Georgine Hurst winning all their matches in straight sets.

Second place went to Tove Pape and her partner Mary Snowden while Beena Ordahl and her partner Janice Mihora came in third. Special acknowledgement and thanks go to Susan Engrebretson and Jan Martin for their competitive spirit and participation.

Congratulations to all the players involved. Plans are already underway for an intra-club mixed doubles league at various levels in the fall.

If you’ve ever wanted to play tennis in a fun, friendly and social environment, now is the time to join the SBRTA. All levels are welcome. Simply go to: You may want to call our membership chairperson instead, Ted Wierman at 508-858-7120.

Hope to see you on the courts soon.