SBRMGA Leadership continues to promote fun, fellowship and quality golf

Tom Grahaml

Sitting down with Sam Rossi and Richard Osterlund, we began to discuss their goals and objectives for 2018 as the newly elected leaders of the SaddleBrooke Ranch Men’s Golf Association. The two stated they were honored to have been elected into leadership positions of the SBRMGA. Their primary goal for this year is to ensure continued support of the three purposes of the Association as they were envisioned by the founding members.

The first is to promote, stimulate and maintain interest in golf at the SaddleBrooke Ranch Golf Club. With the dynamic growth of residents at the Ranch, we want to ensure that residents with a passion for the game of golf feel welcomed when they join the SBRMGA. We also want our residents that may be casual golfers or even just beginning to golf to feel welcomed joining the SBRMGA.

The second is to promote good fellowship among the members of the Men’s Golf Association. Our weekly events and special events teams are doing a terrific job of providing our members with a variety of enjoyable, competitive opportunities. We also provide our members opportunities to compete against other local clubs at different venues through our PIMA Cup participation.

The third objective is to enhance the social and recreational lives of the SaddleBrooke Ranch Property Owners. We encourage our members to gather in the Bistro after our weekly events. The social interaction and comradery shared after the event is just as important as the event itself.

Also, one of our goals is to improve our interaction with the SBRWGA. We are excited to announce that we are currently working with the Women’s Golf Association to schedule our first joint golf event. We are planning to have a competitive golf tournament and social gathering after the event.

Sam and Rich, are there any final thoughts you would like to address? “We just want to emphasize our overall goal is to ensure the SBRMGA continues to be a dynamic, growing organization for our residents. Maintaining a strong Association is important to the long term social and recreational opportunities at SaddleBrooke Ranch.”