SBRMGA Match Play Tournament 2023

Tom Graham

The 2023 SaddleBrooke Ranch Mens Golf Association (SBRMGA) Match Play event began Jan. 12, finishing at the beginning of March. This year we placed 86 members in the field. These were flighted generally within a few handicap strokes resulting in five flights plus the important Championship and Senior Championship flights requiring the member to declare for these competitive flights.

Eight of our members declared for the Championship flight and nine declared for the Senior Championship flight. The Senior Championship flight eligibility begins at age 70. All are eligible to declare for the Championship flight.

Congratulations to our top three finishers in the Championship and Senior Championship flights. In the Championship flight finishing first was Dan Anderson, second Jim Harvey, and in third place Tom Grawe. In the Senior Championship flight finishing first was Bob Christianson, in second Jim Mulhall, and in third Steve Thomson. We witnessed some great golf played by these members.

Not to be outdone, we had five other flights playing at a high level. The top three finishers in each flight were as follows:

Flight A: Joe Valancius, 1st; Franc Happ, 2nd; Jack Dyck and Paul Berry, 3rd (tied)

Flight B: Matt Rippy, 1st; Kevin Voreis, 2nd; Andrew McGehee, 3rd

Flight C: Sam Rossi and Bill Lockett 1st (tied); Paul Knott, 3rd

Flight D: Bob Soucek, 1st; Brian Baker, 2nd; Bruce Crawford, 3rd

Flight E: Marvin Soskil, 1st; Bill Mihal, 2nd; Mike McManus, 3rd

Mother Nature tossed a few obstacles to our competitors. Congratulations to all the competitors!