SBRMGA Ryder Cup

Tom Graham

The Ryder Cup is one of golf’s preeminent golfing events. It consists of 12-member teams from the U.S. and Europe competing over three days for the ultimate prize—winning. The SaddleBrooke Ranch Men’s Golf Association (SBRMGA) Ryder Cup event consists of two teams of 50 members each representing the blue and the red of our U.S. flag colors competing over three days also for the ultimate prize—winning! This year’s event was the largest Ryder Cup field we have had, setting the stage for an outstanding tournament.

Just as the captains of the U.S. Ryder Cup team assemble the members before competition, our captains, BJ Shultz of the Red Team, and Steve Schneck of the Blue Team, gathered their teams. As expected, a great time was had. The pump-em-up got everything started with a little trash talk taking over. Woe be the golfer if shy on the first hole.

In the first two days of the SBRMGA Ryder Cup, each team, Blue and Red, selected two-member teams to compete against their opposing team selection. Day one matches were in the four-ball format—a two-man best ball match competition. Each two-member team representing either Blue or Red plays a best ball competition against the other team. The scoring is 1 point for winning the hole and ½ point for halving or tying the hole. Day two matches were foursomes, also known as alternate shot. Though modified to a Chapman system, we still found apologies all around on the starting tee. Who knows whose ball would be lost? In the end it makes no matter as it’s all about winning the match.

Day three was individual matches and, as history has shown, anything can change in the scoring.

At the time of this article submission, the domination in Day one by the Red Team, 15 points to 10, was erased by the Blue Team, ending Day two leading 27.5 to 22.5—a 10-point swing. With Day three yet to be played and 50 points available, anything could happen.

Many thanks to our Special Events Chairman Bruce Haney and our two captains BJ Shultz and Steve Schneck.