SBRTA welcomes new members


La Hacienda Bistro was the venue for the SBRTA’s Welcome Event for New Members on June 3. New members were invited to come to meet fellow club members in a relaxed social setting where new members were treated to their first drink by the association. The SBRTA is comprised of tennis enthusiasts at all levels who enjoy the game of tennis and who enjoy the chance to meet and socialize with others who also enjoy the sport.

Members, new and old, came to enjoy the camaraderie and were about 30 strong. New members in attendance included: Don Hendricks, Georgine Hurst, Wes Hurst, Elmer Klavetter, Madoka Knight, Kay Lantow, Jan Martin, Mike Nicholson, Vern Nulk, Susan Pharr, Sandy Schlager, Corrine Sturdivant and Susan Swanson.

Sheila Bray, SBRTA Events Chairperson, organized the event and an ice-breaker game. A mystery celebrity name was taped to each person’s back. Then the person had to guess who they were by asking yes or no questions. It was a fun way for people to mix and mingle.

If you’d like to join the SBRTA or just want more information, you may call Ted Wierman, membership chairperson, at 503-858-7120; or simply go to our website at: See you on the courts soon!