The beat goes on

Rebecca Magdanz teaches line dancers from the Ranch in all skill levels of recreational dance.

Rebecca Magdanz teaches line dancers from the Ranch in all skill levels of recreational dance.

Mark Magdanz

Yep, it’s hot outside, so move some of your midday activities onto the A/C supplied dance facilities we have in our communities. There’s a lot of fun, exercise and camaraderie to be had during this hot weather.

Sign up for Level 1/Beginner, Level 2/Easy Intermediate and Level 3/Intermediate. Line Dance classes for the summer are in progress. The nine lessons in Level 1 teach you some basics of line dancing in a fun and safe environment. Rebecca teaches with humor, repetition and joy. You will learn new skills with each new dance. Dances are learned fresh and/or reviewed in each series. The series starts you on your dancing road and continues to build stamina and step familiarity. With new step types to learn you will master just a few at a time, usually just a couple with each dance. Some line dance steps are quite difficult so those come later in upper skill level lessons. Monday morning beginner classes are in HOA One Vermillion Room and/or Wednesday afternoon at SB Ranch.

Easy Intermediate/Level 2 and Intermediate/Level 3 Classes are terrific for the more experienced dancer. A mix of cardio and more complex dances is great fun for all. Level 2 works especially on skills and steps up the pace. And Level 3 sessions are for dancers after even more complexity, skills and extra stamina. Easy Intermediate Level 2 classes are available Monday PM, Tuesday AM and the Ranch on Wednesday PM. Intermediate is Thursday PM HOA 2.

Student party speed/practice/party sessions are Thursday (beginner) and Saturday (intermediates) afternoons in the MountainView aerobics room. A great cardio and muscle memory session is the goal of practices with an hour of quickly moving dance to dance. Come prepared to laugh, move, learn, perspire and expand your brain and memory. These sessions average 5,000 steps in an hour’s fun.

If you have tried some dancing and stopped for any non-physical reason, try it again. The only way not to have fun in line dance is to give up on it before the joy arrives. Rebecca has one abiding purpose in teaching; she just loves to see the joy and sense of accomplishment on the faces of her students when they succeed and have fun.

Classes are always affordable; the cost is less than $5 per full hour of dance and always starts promptly and lasts the full allotted time. Reservations are required, and the A/C is on for indoor summer fun. Regular classes average about 7,000 steps for a 90-minute activity.

Rebecca is a full-time, almost 12 year resident of SaddleBrooke. She has trained SaddleBrooke and SB Ranch dancers to have loads of fun on the dance floor for over eight years. For more information on entry to this ummer season or to put your name on a future reservation list, contact Rebecca Magdanz at [email protected] or phone 818-2656.