SBRTA Women Tennis Players Compete for “Queen of the Court”

Left to right: Paula Cartwright, Linda Keller, Mary Fernandes, and Char Eckmeyer

Left to right: Paula Cartwright, Linda Keller, Mary Fernandes, and Char Eckmeyer

Lee Stastny

In late July, Sue Cook initiated a new league of “Queen of the Court” lady tennis players. The league was open to all SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis Association (SBRTA) female players, and the six-week competition began in late August of 2020. The 16 participants were leveled according to their ratings. With four players on the court, each player would partner with each other player on the court for one set. At the end of each set, all wins and/or losses were recorded, and the recording sheet was submitted following the three sets of tennis play. The player with the most wins on each court would move “up” a court for the following weeks of league play. Accordingly, the player with the fewest wins would move “down” a court for the next week.

After six weeks of Queen of the Court league play, there was a coronation of the Queens of each court. Congratulations to the following ladies for being crowned queen of each court.

Court 1: Mary Fernandes

Court 2: Char Eckmeyer

Court 3: Sue Cook

Court 4: Sue Hansen and Miyuki McDonagh (twin queens due to tie)

The second session of Queen of the Court League play began in mid-October—participation increased to 24 players (plus many substitute players)! After six weeks for fun and competitive tennis, a second coronation celebration was held. Congratulations to the latest Queens of the Court!

Court 1: Linda Keller

Court 2: Paula Cartwright

Court 3: Char Eckmeyer

Court 4: Carol Mihal

Court 5: Carol Fielding

Court 6: Claire Lawson

Many thanks to Sue Cook for initiating and organizing the Queen of the Courts League. Congratulations to all the queens and thank you to all the ladies that participated in this wonderful league! Much fun was held by all participants.