SBRWGA 2020 Solheim Cup Tournament

Solheim Cup Tournament co-captains (left to right): Judy Callahan, Susan Pharr, Marci Whitehead, and Sterlyn Robertson

Solheim Cup Tournament co-captains (left to right): Judy Callahan, Susan Pharr, Marci Whitehead, and Sterlyn Robertson

Carol Mihal

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) held its 2020 Solheim Cup Tournament on Nov. 16 and 17. The official Solheim Cup Tournament, which began in 1990, is for professional women golfers in teams of American vs European golf competitors.

The SBRWGA Solheim participants were divided into two equitable handicap teams by team co-captains. The Red Team co-captains were Susan Pharr and Judy Callahan, and the Pink Team co-captains were Marci Whitehead and Sterlyn Robertson. There were 58 ladies who participated in this year’s tournament.

A team reveal gathering was held on Nov. 13 at the large patio of the Ranch House Grill. All players were greeted upon arrival by team captains with either a red or pink flag that they were to display on their golf carts during the golf matches. Players were then treated to either a Pink Cosmo or a Strawberry Margarita which were eagerly enjoyed by all! Additionally, partner pairings and matches for the first day of the tournament were announced and some trash talking commenced! Many thanks to all the team co-captains and Mindy Hawkins who were so creative in planning and organizing the wonderful team reveal event!

The first day of the Solheim Cup competition was a two-ball best ball match. After a long and windy day of fierce competition, the Pink Team took the lead with 134.5 points vs. the Red Team with 117.5 points.

The second day of competition was a beautiful warm day with new pairings for most players and featured a Chapman format. This challenging play is a form of alternate shot. Both partners tee off on every hole. On the second shot, partners hit each other’s drives. For the third shot, the partners choose the ball you want to use and then play alternate shots until you finish the hole. (There’s a bit of pressure with an alternate shot, because you sure don’t want to put your partner in a sand trap or the desert!)

On day 2 of competition, the Red Team and the Pink Team tied with 126 points, but the lead held by the Pink Team after day 1 determined that the Pink Team was the winner of the SBRWGA 2020 Solheim Cup Tournament. Woohoo! Congratulations Pink Team!

Although only the Pink Team participants earned some Pro Shop prize money, all players of the SBRWGA 2020 Solheim Cup Tournament were winners in having had a great time in a really fun golf tournament with lots of camaraderie!

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