SBRWGA Awards Most Improved Player for 2020

SBRWGA President Jeanne Osterlund presents "Most Improved Player" award to Beth Chamberlin

SBRWGA President Jeanne Osterlund presents “Most Improved Player” award to Beth Chamberlin

Carol Mihal

In late December 2020, the SBRWGA announced that Beth Chamberlin was the winner of the “Most Improved Golfer” for the past year. When Beth started playing golf on Jan. 1, 2020, her handicap was 33.3. Over the course of the year, Beth worked hard to improve her game which resulted in a December handicap of 24.1. That is a 9.2 stroke improvement which is quite impressive! Beth played over 200 rounds of golf in 2020, including over 40 rounds of SBRWGA league play!

Beth was given a beautifully engraved award to recognize her wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations to Beth for an awesome year of golf improvement!