SBRWGA Cactus Flower Tournament Blooms!

Linda Bowers (left) and Nanci Messner (right), winners of Cactus Flower Member-Guest Tournament with a net score of 121 (photo by Barb Simms)

Patti Jo Lewis

The fourth annual SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) Cactus Flower Member Guest Tournament was held April 22, 23, 24: It was another great event sponsored by Robson Communities. We had 43 member-guest teams participating over three days filled with events. The teams showed off their stylish flair with colorful, flowery team shirts each day. On Day One, the teams met at the putting green setup with unique obstacles. Teams used alternate putts throughout the course. After that event, the teams met up for an appetizer party, including a chipping contest. Day Two started at the driving range to pick up swag bags of goodies and tee gifts. Net best ball started with an 8 a.m. shotgun. Lunch was served at the Ranch House event patio, with a lovely salad bar and build your own ice cream treat! Day Three gave us another morning treat with an 8 a.m. shotgun start, playing a Texas Shamble. A luncheon was held at the Ranch House Ballroom with an awards ceremony.

Congratulations to Nanci Messner and her guest Linda Bowers as overall winners of the tournament. In honor of our cactus flower event, the teams were flighted into the various cactus flowers found in the desert.

Magneta Kingcup Cactus winners: Tana Wyrick and Jeanne Osterlund (1st), Diane Coughlin and Deb Stuart (2nd), Janice Mahora and Debbie Huffman (3rd), Jean Cheszek and Janey Clausen (4th).

Pink Cholla Cactus winners: Diane Taylor and Judy Grow (1st), Colleen Carey and Peggy Backos (2nd), Sterlyn Robertson and Kathleen Heigh (3rd), Deb Lawson and Barb Laskowski (4th).

Red Barrel Cactus winners: Mari Pflanz and Barb Lythjohan (1st), Georgia Jackson and Phyllis Pettijohn (2nd), Jeanne Jensen and Jacqui Twitty (3rd), Judy Callahan and Sherrie Leonard (4th).

White Saguaro Cactus winners: Michelle Carter and Elizabeth Davis (1st), Jacque Wilson and Sherry Leasure (2nd), Kay First and Lisa Dearbaugh (3rd), Marlyce Mycka and Sue Wells (4th)

Yellow Prickly Pear Cactus winners: Jeri Pfeiffer and Cate Paine (1st), Maggi Leyburn and Cathy Stirling (2nd), Lisa Richards and Bev Franklin (3rd), Mary Crake and Evie Thompson (4th).

Thank you to all who made this tournament possible; we appreciate the work done to make this a wonderful event! Thank you to Mike and Ken, our wonderful pros who are always very helpful.

Thanks to Catherine Steel, League Day Chair, and her team: Kay Johnson, Joanne Garcia, and Susanne Schuster, for their hard work putting flights together, game formats, payouts, and much more!

Thank you to Maggie Merrick, our Social Chair, and her team: Evie Thompson, Karen Oprish, Charlotte Graham, Fran Harrington, Ingrid McManus, and Marge Rodgers. What a great job they did, from decorations to the wonderful lunches, fun after party, and great tee gifts. Endless hours went into all they did to make this tournament the best ever!

Thank you to the SaddleBrooke Ranch Men’s Golf Association for their help in spotting for us; there is nothing like finding a lost ball! Thank you to Tom Merrick for his hard work on putting together a fun putting green course for our contest. Thank you to Team Platinum for the swag bags of goodies!