SBRWGA Presents New Board of Directors

SBRGWA 2022 board members, bottom row: Pam Horwitt, Kay Johnson, Lorraine Smith, and Diane Taylor. Top row: Beth Chamberlin, Monika Bartko, Susan Pharr, Marci Whitehead, Jeanne Jensen, and Toni Graves.

Beth Chamberlin

In early January, the 2021 SaddleBrooke Ranch Women’s Golf Association (SBRWGA) Board of Directors handed over the reins to the newly elected 2022 board.

The SBRWGA is a very active club at the Ranch. Every Tuesday is league day where players compete in various golf games. The leadership also hosts many fun tournaments for the club throughout the year.

The club has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last several years and now includes more than 115 women.

Lorraine Smith served as vice president in 2021 and will now serve as president in 2022. Diane Taylor will serve as vice president. Rounding out the 2022 board are the following: Pam Horwitt as secretary; Kay Johnson as treasurer; Susan Pharr as league day chair; Marci Whitehead as social committee chair; Jeanne Jensen as membership chair; Monika Bartko as sponsorship chair; Toni Graves as rules/handicap chair; Barb Simms will be the webmaster; and Beth Chamberlin as communications chair. Jeanne Osterlund will also continue on the board for 2022 as past president.