SBWGA keeps active in our adult resort community

Diane Taylor won the title of Coyote Queen this month. Thank you, Coyote Golf Cars, for sponsoring this bi-monthly event.

Jeanne Osterlund

SBRWGA had a super fun and very busy month! In addition to our epic inaugural Member Guest Tournament (see separate article), we completed a Match Play tournament, Del Sud, Coyote Queen and a number of our ladies played in Home, Home and Home events at our neighboring communities.

Here are some of the highlights and winners!

Match Play:

This tournament took almost two months to complete as each match progressed to the final winners. It required planning, but it was a lot of fun! Congratulations to the winners:

Flight 1: Winner – Kathy Brennan; Runner up – Barb Simms; Consolation Winner – Brenda Armenia; Consolation Runner up – Melanie Timberlake.

Flight 2: Winner – Marlyce Mycka; Runner up – Linda Sherfy; Consolation Winner – Deb Lawson; Consolation Runner up – Sterlyn Robertson.

Flight 3: Winner – Jeanne Jensen; Runner up – Susan Pharr; Consolation Winner – Diane Taylor; Consolation Runner up – Cheri Alfrey.

Del Sud:

Del Sud is a Southern District Women’s Golf Association two-day eclectic event. Players recorded the best score for each hole after two days of play. Thank you, AZ Golf Car Repair, for sponsoring this event!

The winner this year was Diane Taylor with an amazing score of -22! Look out Diane! Your handicap is going down fast! Great job!

Other winners included:

Flight 1: B. Armenia (-12), M. Snowden (-11), J. Cheszek (-9).

Flight 2: J. Osterlund (-14), M. Mycka (-13), D. Shelton (-11).

Flight 3: M. Fung (-7), P. Borm (-7), J. DeYoung (-5).

Flight 4: C. Alfrey (-12), T. Fraser (-12), S. Wells (-9).

Flight 5: B. Stark (-16), J. Oliver (-14), M. Anderson (-14).

Coyote Queen:

This tournament was held on the same day as the last day of the Del Sud Tournament. It’s no surprise that Diane Taylor also won this! Congratulations, Diane! A big shout out to Coyote Golf Cars for sponsoring this event. Other winners included:

Flight 1: M. Snowden (44), J. Cheszek (39), K. Brennan (39), B. Armenia (37), B. Simms (37).

Flight 2: J. Mihora (38), D. Shelton (38), T. Movius (37), M. Mycka (37).

Flight 3: J. Jensen (39), L. Sherfy (35), P. Borm (35), M. Whitehead (33).

Flight 4: D. Taylor (50) (QUEEN), S. Wells (41), C. Alfrey (39), T. Fraser (37).

Flight 5: B. Stark (41), M. Anderson (40), A. Rossi (36), J. Oliver (36).

With so many events in May, we were very lucky to have enjoyed beautiful weather. We actually had to wear jackets occasionally! The golf course was in amazing condition too. Loving life at the Ranch! If you’d like to be a member of this amazing group of women and join in on the fun, please contact [email protected]