Scavenging all the way to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Richard Williams and Jack Stebe lead the SaddleBrooke Squares on yet another adventure!

Richard Williams and Jack Stebe lead the SaddleBrooke Squares on yet another adventure!

Rita Fletcher

Seventy plus is not just an age but the number of Square Dancers having another active fun day. Starting the morning off everyone followed clues to find and photograph objects within SaddleBrooke and along the drive to Davis-Monthan. Everyone concurred it was indeed a hilarious blast showing off each team’s craziness, creativity, curiosity and skillful sleuthing skills. Who knew we had so many good detectives!

At the base Jack, a retired Air Force test pilot, regaled us with interesting facts about his experiences flying the airplanes we were privileged to gather around and touch. The flight characteristics of each plane from a pilot’s perspective, the tiny space a pilot had to sit in, how the “bathroom” facilities actually worked or didn’t surprised and astounded many of us! You will just have to ask Jack! And thank, Jack! Blessings to his wife as well!. Some of the planes we saw were the U-2, A-10, A-7, F-105, F-100, and the F-4.

The Officer’s Club is an elegant spacious grand place to dine and dance! Eight squares (64 people) enjoyed the music and calls of Larry Kraber, our resident professional caller, while others enjoyed taking a short breather break sitting in air conditioned comfort sipping ice tea. All of us enjoyed the funny jokes that Larry always starts the dancing off with, just to keep us balanced and on our toes!

Following dancing almost everyone was at the bar and checking out the poster boards for the answers to the clues. Dinner and dessert were delicious, as much as you could possibly want to eat from the buffet. Prizes were awarded to the scavenger hunt winners.

Thank you to Richard and Donna Martin who put this event together for us. Richard is our Entertainer of the Year! Everyone should have a Richard and Donna in their club!

We want to share the fun of square dancing and the fun of our many social events with you. Please check us out at or call Larry and Bonnie Kraber at 520-825-2678 or email [email protected]. Coming up is our graduation ceremony honoring the class of 2016! A new class begins in October.