Skyrocketing vet costs hinder Tucson’s no-kill efforts…It’s the Network to the rescue

Lucille and Buttons

Lucille and Buttons

Leslie Rocco

Gigantic strides are being made to reduce euthanasia at Tucson’s animal shelter. Unsung heroes in this battle are pet rescue groups who annually take in many hundreds of sick, injured and behavioral pets. Rescue groups give the homeless a second chance at love, but the cost of these life-saving efforts is staggering. As vet bills skyrocket, rescues face huge debt and difficult decisions.

Last year 14 rescues incurred $300,000+ in vet bills and without donations their work comes to a screeching halt. Thanks to SaddleBrooke support the Network enjoined the Tucson community to Payoff Vet Debt in 2016 with a $1 for $1 match up to $10,000. Tucson’s first and only multi-rescue group fundraiser sent $22,000 to 14 rescue vet accounts, and the groups were beyond thankful for SaddleBrooke’s generosity.

Generous residents made this campaign possible again this year as we offer a $1 for $1 match up to $15,000 with a fundraiser goal of $30,000 with no administrative fees! The Payoff Vet Debt campaign runs June 15-July 31. Check out our website at You can help in two ways:

1. Send tax deductible donations to LBL Payoff Vet Debt, 63457 E. Squash Blossom Lane, Tucson 85739 or donate online. Your cancelled check/online receipt is your tax receipt.

2. Like/Follow us on Facebook  @payoffvetdebt. The power to generate support in your friend base is amazing. Simply share and comment on our posts!

Thank you for your support, SaddleBrooke, to help homeless pets like Lucille and Buttons! The owner of these sweet super seniors dumped them at the shelter for euthanasia, but our rescue partner saved them. If you have extra love to share, please consider these little girls, 8 and 10 pounds. Contact  Leslie at 724-689-9843.