Square Dancing 101

Teal shirts awaiting new dancers

Teal shirts awaiting new dancers

Sheila Bray

I saw a friend’s post on Facebook “tried square dancing last night…what fun.”

“Oh, let’s give it a go,” I say to my dearly beloved!

We used to be avid Scottish country dancers when we lived in LA so I thought a couple of lessons would make us proficient in Square Dancing; it is ‘called’ after all.

So we arrive at lesson two over in SaddleBrooke on a Sunday evening. We were greeted by a sea of smiling, friendly people wearing teal shirts who were to be our TAs (teaching assistants.)

We did a circle to the left and a ladies’ Sashay and a dosado (aka: do-c-do), seemed easy enough.

We learned the lingo: the Tips, Yellow Rock Your Corner (something to do with striking gold?) and so on. Larry, the caller, is the most patient, clear teacher ever.

After four lessons a practice session is introduced because the calls are simple but maybe a little confusing! The TAs are invaluable!

It’s such fun learning a new way of dancing. The people you meet are great and the music is uplifting.

I hope more people from the Ranch will give it a go. Luckily Don and Rebecca Williams live here who are masters of this old American folk dance.

Check out the club website: saddlebrookesquares.com or give the club vice president, Bob White, a call at  818-9482.