Successful and fun tournament

Susan Pharr

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Tennis Association hosted a Men’s and Women’s Doubles tennis tournament with the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club on August 1 and 2. There were six men’s teams and five women’s teams playing from each community. The matches consisted of two sets plus a ten-point tie break where warranted.

The matches were held at the SaddleBrooke Ranch tennis courts. Four matches started at 7:00 a.m. with the remaining matches starting at 9:00 a.m. each day. The hot weather came in early and proved to be taxing on several players.

The match play did not disappoint the spectators. The men played two seven-point set tie-breaks and two super tie-breaks. The women played three seven-point set tie-breaks and three super tie-breaks. All matches were fun to watch as the large galleries cheered for our respective teams. Carol Mihal led the way during the final Grandstand match!

SaddleBrooke prevailed as the tournament victor as the men took three of the six matches and the women won four of the five matches. Congratulations to the SaddleBrooke Tennis Club players!

We hope to make this a regular event during the cooler months, rotating play between the two locations.

A big thanks to Terry and Anita Zimmerman and Pro Chris Madsen for setting this up!