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Joy Hellard If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But what if it’s so broken, that people feel powerless to fix it? Not “my car won’t start” broken or even “my best friend lied to me” broken. A brokenness which makes people jump in grocery stores when a jar crashes to the floor, startle at…

Avoid This Health Crisis – Correction

Chelsey Nakata, editorial assistant In the December issue of the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup, an article was published by The Writing Guild titled “Avoid This Health Crisis.” This article was published with the wrong author’s name. “Avoid This Health Crisis” was written by Jan Larkey. We regret the error.

Writing Guild

The Mix Joy Hellard, Writing Guild Submission When I was eight, my family purchased a small Kentucky farm. In my mother’s opinion, the ownership of land included the solemn and sacred vow of growing a home garden. At season’s end, the preserving and canning of all vegetables was also mandatory. All summer long my family…