Writing Guild

The Saddlebrooke Ranch Writing Guild is a group dedicated to improving our writing skills. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the La Vista room at the La Hacienda Club from 1 to 3 p.m. If you have any questions about the club, please contact Joy Hellard at [email protected].

Fall vs Autumn

Audrey Gelb

Why is the word Fall used to describe a season? I question this. For me, fall has a negative meaning.

Fall is the time to try on those pants and go oh no! I can’t get into them! Leaves falling off the trees … tripping and falling since you can’t see the cracks in the leaf covered sidewalk; and bingo, you’re in the ER getting a cast put on. It’s also the time I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer. Fall brings back those painful times for me. So, I would vote out the word Fall.

Autumn is calming; the time of year for pumpkins, squashes and oh the beautiful colors of the leaves on the trees. Autumn is slipping into a cozy sweater and sipping on hot apple cider by a fireplace. Oh this is heaven.

Let’s ditch the word Fall and bring in Autumn.