Team SBR: Strong—Brave—Resilient: It Takes a Village

Sandy Jessop

The Cancer Support Group has recently become aware of services offered by other groups here at SaddleBrooke Ranch and will begin working together to make your journey through cancer easier and more supported by our community.

Here are a few of the wonderful organizations that offer help to residents and the families of residents who are battling medical conditions, including cancer.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Contact: Linda Shannon-Hills, [email protected]

This group happily helps the community by offering services such as:

* Driving neighbors to medical appointments, shopping, picking up prescriptions, etc.

* Shopping for a neighbor

* Periodically checking on neighbors who may need assistance

* Sending sunshine or get-well cards

* Visiting neighbors who may be (or feel) isolated

* Taking neighbors to social events at the Ranch House or Bistro Veinte

* Bringing an occasional meal to a neighbor as needed

Creative Giving

Contact: Carol Andrews, [email protected]

This creative group is ready to make you feel better by providing SBR residents useful, hand-sewn items which include:

* Heart pillow—for mastectomy or heart patients

* Rehab pillow—two or three-sided dog-bone shape helps create comfort during recovery

* Neck pillow—we all have a little pain in the neck, right?

* Walker/wheelchair bag—helps keep you mobile

* Waist apron—you can even specify your waist size!

* Wheelchair seat cover—on request, can specify size

* Seat belt cushion—protects port lines and torso incisions

* Neck scarf—with pockets!

* Dignity curtain—covers catheter or ostomy bag

* Dignity bandana—covers neck area incisions

* Ice pack covers—various sizes; request size needed

* Chemo caps—small and large


Contact: Sue Hilchey, [email protected]  

While this thoughtful Ranch club sends quilts to residents who have lost loved ones, they may also bring a quilt to someone battling cancer.

Medical Equipment Loans

Contact: Linda Shannon-Hills, [email protected], who will send you a list to contact residents directly.

With a plethora of various equipment, you can find almost anything you need while in treatment or recovering from surgery. Equipment includes: boots, braces, canes, crutches, ramps, scooters, shower equipment, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Of course, none of these groups can help if you keep your struggles to yourself. Please consider letting your community help you in stressful times. We’re all just waiting to be asked!

For more information about the Cancer Support Group, please contact Sandy Jessop at [email protected].