The Famous Painting Program

Sharon Groth

The Famous Painting Program is in its second year at Mountain Vista School in Oracle. This program presents a famous painting to classrooms first through sixth grades once a month by our art loving volunteers. Ranch volunteers include Sharon Groth, Sherry Weiss, Nancy Reif, Linda Ritger, Larry Ritger and Susan Swanson.

Tucson artist and selected famous painter Lawrence Lee gifted the school with a painting demonstration where upon he painted Wonder Woman for the students. Mr. Lee even called upon two students to assist with the painting. Of course, Lawrence Lee gifted his 48” x 48” Wonder Woman painting to the school. Principal Crystle Gallegos, Sharon Groth and the two assisting students were on hand to receive the painting from Lawrence Lee on October 26, 2017.

The Famous Painting Program was started and funded by Sharon Groth of SaddleBrooke Ranch. If you are interested in learning more or participating in the program, please contact Sharon  at 333-4262.