The Golden Goose: More Than Just a Thrift Shop

Kendall Turner

Everybody knows about the Golden Goose as an extraordinary thrift shop, but you need to know that it is way more than just a great thrift shop. The Goose not only cares for so many in need, but our volunteers and shoppers also care on a much more personal level. That’s what the Goose is: people caring for people. Below are two recent exchanges that happened at the Goose.

We had a beautiful cherry wood cremation box in the shop. One Friday a couple came in and spent some time examining the box. On Saturday they returned and were looking at the box again when one of our warm-hearted volunteers, always inquisitive about our shoppers, talked to the couple and found out their son died in the Iraq war and his remains were returned to them in an Army-issued box. They knew this box would be a better and more fitting receptacle for his remains, but even with a 25% discount, they could not afford the cremation receptacle. So our volunteer, after finding out what they could spend, went into the back, opened her purse and made up the difference for a very grateful couple. This is the kind of spirit shown by our cadre of dedicated volunteers.

Another day, a 20-something young lady visiting her grandmother came up to the cash register with two baskets overloaded with clothes. After ringing her up and applying the 50% discount, the bill came to $156. She paid $106 cash and tried unsuccessfully to pay the remainder with Apple Pay. A gentleman standing nearby handed the cashier $100 to make up for the balance due of $50. When told he didn’t have to do this, he replied, “It’s only money, I’m going to die someday and maybe someday the young lady will pay this back to someone else.”

These are just two recent examples, but stories like these are endless.

Wouldn’t you like to spend some volunteer hours doing something you like to do, at a place where these types of acts-of-kindness happen with a fair degree of regularity—also between volunteers? A wide range of volunteer opportunities await you at the Golden Goose. You can come the third Monday of the month for volunteer orientation or call 520-818-9101 to arrange for a private tour to see how you could use your talents to make a significant contribution to your community. You’re always welcome at the Goose.