The Ranch Players Club – Back in the Saddle!

Josephine Zara

What: An introductory meeting for present and prospective Ranch Players.

When: Tuesday, Feb. 11, 3-5 p.m.

Where: Sol Ballroom


1. Who are the people organizing The Ranch Players and what is their experience?

2. What is Chamber Theater?

3. A demonstration by two Ranch Players of the Chamber Theater style.

4. Introducing an exciting addition to our club – musicals! Gayle Cook will tell us about the upcoming musical variety show – A Tribute to American Bandstand!

5. There will be description of backstage and onstage spots that need to be filled, and the title of the fall play will be announced.

6. Q & A.

7. Opportunity to sign up.

Our new venue is the Sol Ballroom stage! Our first Chamber Theater play will be Oct. 15-18, four performances. Auditions will be Thursday, April 9 from 6-8 p.m. at the Sol Ballroom stage. Rehearsals will begin in early September. There will be a rehearsal once a week with the whole cast and crew. There may be additional one-on-one scene work as needed.

No previous theatrical experience is necessary. Memorization is not required for Chamber Theater!

In order to mount these shows we’ll need to put together a production team now!

For the fall show we’ll need actors, an Assistant Director, a Stage Manager, a Light and Sound Tech (who will be trained by SBR’s Ray), and a Publicity Coordinator.

For the musical we will need a musical director, choreographer, keyboardist, and drummer; as well as singers and dancers, actors and actresses, and a host of behind-the-scenes people! The Bandstand show was a huge hit with performers and audiences alike in another 55+ community.

We know there is a ton of talent here in SBR – it’s time to showcase it!

If you cannot make the meeting, but want to be part of these shows, please contact Josephine Zara, [email protected] or, for the musical, Gayle Cook, [email protected].