The S.O.B. Club Adventures

S.O.B. Club members

Touring the Old Ripsey Mine

Cheryl Stroben

What is the “S.O.B.” club you might ask? We’re the SaddleBrooke Off-Road Bunch … along with a few SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) members! We are a lively, adventurous, and fun Jeep off-road group.

The club started at SaddleBrooke around 2004 and now includes SBR members. My hubby and I are what you would call “newbies” to the Jeep world (end of 2023). The rest of the club members have been Jeep enthusiasts for a long time.

On the trail

Since Mike and I joined, our trail leaders have taken us on some fun and very exciting adventures! We have been to Redfield Canyon Run, Monastery Loop Run, Apache Tears Run, and to Saint George, Utah. Our last trip on Jan. 25 took us to Ripsey Mine Run in the Florence area. We checked out an old dam, had lunch at the bottom of it, and later toured the Old Ripsey Mine. We needed a flashlight for the last hike. The scenery we have seen on our runs has been spectacular! The Jeep runs allow us to see more of this beautiful state than ever possible before. It has been and continues to be a blast being part of such a friendly and adventurous group. But always, safety first!