The SaddleBrooke Ranch Dance Club Is Very Active

We thank our founding three who put this club together: President John Hess, John Green, and Mark Holden. There are others who support and help out tremendously to keep the club going…and who attend every dance! Here’s some history on three women who love to dance and are always there to help in every way: Diane Seyl, Angela Jerman, and Carol Osgood.

Diane: I’ve been dancing since 2004. I started with ballroom dancing, then concentrated on West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango. Dancing lifts my spirit and makes me happy. I met John Hess ballroom dancing. He is my favorite partner!

Angela: I took ballroom dance classes in 2000 until 2010, which I loved. It’s a wonderful experience to take yourself out of your comfort zone. Charles and I met on the pickleball courts and got married in 2015. He had no dance experience, but was willing to take on the task of taking lessons with me, which I really appreciate. I have to give a big shout-out to Christine Hoskins, our dance instructor—she has so much patience.

Carol: I was a little ballerina dancing to everything as long as I can remember. I enrolled in ballroom dance lessons in my hometown of Bend, Ore., in 2005 and it was so interesting. I met Diane and John briefly in these dance classes. We then reunited unexpectedly here in the Ranch…dancing! I met my husband on a bicycle 17 years ago and he wanted to learn to dance with me. He had no dance experience but good rhythm. Classes and dances—I am always up for dancing, my most favorite activity!

The Fall dance schedule is on the website at, and the fun has begun. Check the calendar for classes and scheduled dances here at the Ranch in the Sol Ballroom. Several styles are always offered: Western, Ballroom, Rock and Roll, and Line Dancing. Come join the fun!