The SBR Settler’s Guide helps new homeowners settle in to SaddleBrooke Ranch

SBR HOA Welcome to the Neighborhood group, left to right: Linda Harvey, Linda Shannon-Hills and Mary Schlachter. undefined

SBR HOA Welcome to the Neighborhood group, left to right: Linda Harvey, Linda Shannon-Hills and Mary Schlachter.

Linda Shannon-Hills

Moving is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do, with most feeling the stress build from the moment the decision is made. Many people have decided to make that move, selecting SaddleBrooke Ranch as the location to start the next chapter of their lives. Since this is a new community and state for many that move here, Linda Harvey, a resident of SaddleBrooke Ranch, recognized a need to help new homeowners to our community. She started the SaddleBrooke Ranch HOA Welcome to the Neighborhood group, welcoming new homeowners when they attended happy hour in the Bistro or invite them to other activities in the community. Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills decided the group could do more for new homeowners and talked with Andrea Marcus, SBR HOA Administrative and Facilities Coordinator, about creating a welcome pack for new homeowners that had more content for SaddleBrooke Ranch and the area. From this discussion the Settler’s Guide was developed. The Welcome to the Neighborhood members, Linda Harvey, Linda Shannon-Hills and Mary Schlachter, try to contact new homeowners within the first week or so after moving in to welcome them to the neighborhood and to bring them the Settler’s Guide in hopes that the information will make the transition less stressful.

In the last year the group has welcomed new homeowners and delivered over 76 Settler’s Guides. We look forward to connecting with our homeowners as they move to SaddleBrooke Ranch.

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Settler’s Guide has information about our community and the surrounding area. The Guide hopes to better acquaint new residents with La Hacienda clubhouse, activities offered inside the community like clubs, groups and fitness classes, restaurants in SaddleBrooke, Oracle and Catalina, a short history about Oracle and places of interest to visit outside SaddleBrooke Ranch. There are also coupons and information for restaurants and businesses in the area.

Since the information changes all the time, we have included the Settler’s Guide documents on the HOA website . Move your cursor over the green tabs at the top of the webpage at RESOURCES for a drop down menu which includes the Settler’s Guide documents. Updates to the information in the guide are periodically made to the website.

We welcome all our new residents to SaddleBrooke Ranch and hope the Settler’s Guide can be of help to our new Ranch Settlers.