The SBR Technology Club Begins the New Year with Additional Board Members and More Classes, Workshops, and Open Lab Time

Left to right: Mike Neal, Bruce Strickland, Maria Astaire, Carol Andrews, Mike Nicholson, Tony Pietrzykoski, with Larry Schweitzer in cameo

Left to right: Mike Neal, Bruce Strickland, Maria Astaire, Carol Andrews, Mike Nicholson, Tony Pietrzykoski, with Larry Schweitzer in cameo

Linda Shannon-Hills

With eighteen months under our belt, the SBR Technology Club begins the new year with additional board members. The club has moved from the original charter of five board members to seven (based on our bylaws). Our three new members are Bruce Strickland, Maria Astaire, and Mike Nicholson. Staying on the board is Larry Schweitzer, president; Mike Neal, vice president and financial advisor; Carol Andrews, treasurer and membership; and Tony Pietrzykoski, secretary and technical team lead. Linda Shannon-Hills has stepped down from the board.

The club has been very active with special interest groups on artificial technology (AI), cutting the cord to streaming services; iPhones and Android phones, smart home appliances, as well as DIY/maker. After the holidays, Mike Neal will be introducing a long list of courses for the coming year on the SBR Technology website, including dates and times. We also have a few additional monitors to help you during open lab time. The calendar on the website gives the topics of expertise and the person monitoring that day.

We always need instructors and mentors to help other neighbors with their questions and quests to learn more. Your knowledge helps us to provide more workshops and mentoring sessions.

If you have received a renewal notice for the club membership, don’t delay to renew to take advantage of all the educational opportunities to expand your knowledge around technology.

Mark your calendar for the next SBR Technology general meeting on Monday, Feb. 3, at 3 p.m. at the Ranch House in the Sol Ballroom. Our speaker will be Tony Pietrzykoski who will speak on “How to increase the power of your wireless connection.” It becomes frustrating when your WiFi connection doesn’t work as well as it should. You would like to take your laptop out to the patio to enjoy our wonderful weather, but you barely get a signal. Come learn how you can boast the power of your WiFi throughout your home and outside.

To take classes, workshops, or join special interest groups, you must be a member of SBR Technology Club. Go to our website at to sign up.

Procedure to become members:

1. Go to, click on “Member Signup,” and fill in the requested information. If you don’t have a computer, come to the room during open labs to use the room computers.

2. We accept a check, cash, or credit cards.

3. You will be required to sign a waiver.

4. We also ask that you fill in the “Additional Member Data,” under your profile on the website, to help us direct our workshops in the future.

Come join the fun.