The tales of two doggies

Mannie and Romeo

Linda Gorman, Owner and Editor of PetWise

My name is Mannie and my pretty boy side kick is Romeo. He is called “Romy” for short. We are Pomeranians with soft cream and orange sable coats, big brown eyes and I weigh nine pounds. However, Romeo loves to eat. He tries to steal my food whenever he can. Romy weighs all of ten pounds.

We have been best buddies for as long as I can remember. I am a regular dog that loves to run, play and hang out with the guys. Romeo is a lover and hugger. Sitting on Mom’s lap is his favorite thing to do, besides eating. He also loves to play with squeaker dog and chipmunk.

“Romy, come over here and help me figure out what this silver and gold stuff is in this box. And look! There are big balls with glitter.”

Romy runs in from the kitchen. “Is it something to eat?” Sniff, sniff. “It doesn’t smell like food. Could it be treats on a string? I never smelled treats like that before. It must be something else.”

“Boys! Get out of the Christmas boxes and go play in the other room!”

“Did mom say Christmas, Mannie? With roasted turkey, cookies and candy canes? Great big presents with delicious treats under the tree?”

“Romy, can’t you think of anything but food?”

“Do you remember the year you almost knocked over the tree trying to get the candy canes hanging on the branches? You blamed it on me but the tinsel hanging off your head looked mighty suspicious!”

“Mannie, I saw you pulling on the bows to open the presents.”

“You’re right. I thought I sniffed a leather chew but it turned out to be a new pair of sandals for dad. I chewed up his last pair. I thought those were quite tasty.”

“Do you remember, Mannie, Santa dressed in green undies and a red hat, sliding across the floor in his new socks and singing ‘Aye Mattie, Merry Merry Christmas to you’ and mom giggling at the sight?”

“Really? No, I don’t remember that, but I do remember Auntie sending us a box of treats and toys that squeak.”

“Did you say treats, Mannie?”

Cookies, Candy and Treats, Oh, No!

Cookies, Candy and Treats, Oh, Yes!

“Romy, all you think of is food. You also took all the squeak toys that Auntie sent us and put them in your corner. I had to pull and growl to get just one to play with.”

“You don’t like toys, Mannie. You just thought I was hiding squeaky treats and you might be missing out on something good.”

“I wonder if we have to go to the pet salon? I don’t like the sound of the blow drier or those shears that buzz over my coat.”

“Oh, Mannie, at least it is not like going to the vet and having that silver thing put up my bum. I love going to the salon. They make me look like a handsome stud. And if we are really good, they give us a treat!”

“Oh Romeo, Romeo you are relentless!”

From Mannie and Romeo, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season! And, of course, lots of good treats!

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