SBRMGA Founders Cup Tournament

Founders Cup Champion Ron Knapp with Mike Jahaske, PGA Professional

Tom Graham

The seventh annual Founders Cup Tournament was recently completed. The two-day 36-hole full handicap competition was an unqualified success. Seventy-one of our members who qualified signed up to compete for the championship surpassing prior years’ entries. The golf was intense as the entire field had at least one of the two rounds in red numbers. The overall champion with a score of 129 (15 under) was Ron Knapp. Great golfing; congratulations, Ron.

The top finishers in each flight were awarded, too. Congratulations to each of the following in order of finish within their flight:

A Flight: Rick Snowden, Mike Ohanian, Jeff Pharr, Ed Cheszek and Mike Chonle

B Flight: Larry Tipton, Rick Knapp, Guy Shelton (tie) Mike Tomaso, Karl Knight, Mike Mycka and Sam Rossi and Dan Carter (three-way tie)

C Flight: Jim Cook, John Whitehead, Neil Hartman, Rob Nemecek, Alan Ness

D Flight: Mike Koen, Tim McCauley, Bill Lockett, Tom Graham

E Flight: Lutz Pape (tie) Jeff Silver, Beler Watts, Clarke Latimer (tie) Larry Bickelhaupt

We are grateful that nine years ago 13 passionate golfers found it essential that SaddleBrooke Ranch have a Men’s Golf Association. The MGA today continues to provide opportunities for all residents benefitting the community at large. This whether on the course or off. With continuing growth in membership and community it remains significant that we find our founding members as members today. We’re proud that we have been able to carry forward the ideals of these founding members enhancing the life opportunities at SaddleBrooke Ranch.

We recognize that the MGA may continue to provide these opportunities only as our outreach partners provide support to our community. Coyote Golf Cars, a loyal and long-time partner, designated the Founders Cup Tournament as a significant event. Through the ongoing support of Coyote Golf Cars the MGA will continue to provide this special event to the community.