Time to Get Your SaddleBrooke Ranch Name Badge

Linda Shannon-Hills

It is a challenge to remember everyone’s name you meet at the Ranch, especially during these last 18 months while wearing face masks to protect ourselves. To help you and other residents, the Newcomers Welcome Group recommends you order a name badge to wear around the Ranch. The white SBR name badge is held on by a magnet clasp in the back, so you won’t ruin your clothing. Wear it when you play tennis, pickleball, golf, are in the fitness center, and during activities with other residents. Having the badge on when dining in the Ranch House Grill, Bistro Veinte, or Ed’s Dogs lets the employees know who you are so they can start calling you by name when you come in.

In talking recently with a new resident, they told me they attended a social in their unit. Seeing the person’s name on their badge helped them to remember their name and allowed them to call the person by name when they later saw them walking past their home.

There are a couple ways you can order a name badge from Better Badges, a third-party company, the provider of the SaddleBrooke Ranch resident name badges. You could fill out the form given out when you first moved to the Ranch or contact Jamie Shipley at the Front Desk, located in the Ranch House, to request a hard copy form. Recently, Better Badges started taking orders online. Go to www.betterbadges.com, scroll down to the SaddleBrooke Ranch tags, and click on it to order. You save 6 percent by ordering online and you can use your credit card. Otherwise, you can write a check with the order form and mail to Better Badges at 8024 Gilleland Drive, Roseville, CA 95747. Any questions, call them at 916-773-6145.