To SaddleBrooke Ranch residents

Cynthia Chevalley, Chairperson

The Board of Directors of the Tri-Community Food Bank and I would like to express our extreme gratitude for your support over the holiday period. Donated non-perishable foods and generous funding help us to provide 250 holiday meals and all the fixings at Thanksgiving and Christmas time to our client families.

We now serve 701 children and 311 seniors enrolled in our Emergency Food Box program. With your continued support, we are able to feed the hungry in Pinal County. Our neighbors, more than 1,000 people each month, count on us for assistance with good, nutritious food.

The Tri-Community Food Bank will look forward to your continued generosity in March during the annual SaddleBrooke Community Food Drive 2018.

Again, thank you. We wish you a happy and healthy New Year!