Up and Coming at the Food Bank

Rosemary Douglas

The Tri-Community Food Bank (TCFB) will be a busy place for the next few months. Our wonderful volunteers will run holiday programs and assist with other special projects.

October: Emergency-type, non-washable, single-use blankets will be distributed from our lobby during the month of October. Some of our clients are challenged with housing issues such as leaky windows and doors. One potential use for these blankets is to provide extra insulation around windows and doors during the colder months.

November: Each family that comes to the TCFB in November will receive a warm, soft blanket, along with their regular emergency food box. On Nov. 19, we will distribute to more than 250 of our client families the makings of a complete Thanksgiving dinner, including turkey, stuffing, vegetables, pies, and other trimmings.

December: Christmas hams, sides, and desserts will be on the menu for our families in December. On Dec. 17, clients will be picking up the items for their Christmas dinners at TCFB. Also in December, we will have a small Christmas Shop where eligible clients can choose toys for the kiddies.

Looking Ahead to 2024

January and July are Dental Hygiene months at the Tri-Community Food Bank. In addition to our regular monthly hygiene offering, in January and July, each family will also receive one tube of toothpaste for the family, and a toothbrush for each family member.

The Tri-Community Food Bank is an all-volunteer organization. The TCFB is located at 108 Redwood Road in Mammoth. We are open five days a week (Monday through Thursday and Saturday) from 9 a.m. to noon to serve the communities of Oracle, San Manuel, Mammoth, and Dudleyville.

The Tri-Community Food Bank is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and an Arizona Qualifying Charitable Organization. We spend 0% for administration costs and are totally supported by your generous donations. The TCFB also receives food donations from the United Food Bank in Mesa.