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Marian providing class instruction

Marian providing class instruction

Arlene Wong

I, along with other Ranch friends, residents and folks from other parts of the country discovered that doing Zumba classes is the most awesome virtual workout ever. Some of us were doing these classes pre-COVID and many of us discovered it since the pandemic started.

We’re doing virtual classes with our very own Ranch resident and certified licensed instructor, Marian Bianchini. Pre-pandemic, Marian was providing classes at the Ranch clubhouse. However, once the pandemic hit and all buildings were closed, she was able to live stream her classes through a proprietary Zumba app. This app was developed by Zumba for the benefit of their instructors. It is easy to “get into Marian’s class” through the link provided and you only see Marian, not the other class attendees.

Three times a week Marian provides one-hour virtual classes and twice a week one half hour classes. You can do some or all classes weekly, or on any rotation you’d like. We dance to great music, with Marian making it fun as we burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. Most of us have been able to maintain our pre-COVID weight and fitness level. What a great reason to get out of bed!

Back in 2005, Marian first discovered that her love of dancing also provided solid exercise. When she moved to the Ranch, she started doing a few of Cheryl Ludeman’s classes and after she retired from her corporate job, and with Cheryl’s support, she became a Zumba instructor and started offering evening classes—a need that was unfulfilled at that time.

As I learned from Marian, there are various Zumba workout levels, and she’s certified to teach Zumba Gold and Basic Zumba. Through her association with Zumba, she’s learned how to manage choreography, tools, music videos, marketing, and more. You can tell from her enthusiasm how much fun she’s having.

Zumba classes mix low and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning, great overall workout. We dance to Latin, rock, rap, country, and world rhythms. Since we’re all doing this from the comfort of our homes, no one can tell whether we’ve missed a step or two, or whether we’ve sped it up or slowed it down to fit our fitness level. We get to wear whatever makes us comfortable, keep the room temperature to what we want it to be, and take breaks as needed.

Not only is it good for our memory, balance, and flexibility, it improves our overall fitness and well-being. It’s a great cardio workout that is fun, boosts our energy, and after each class we feel a serious dose of awesome!

If you’d like to learn more you can contact Marian at [email protected].