Welcome New Homeowners to SBR

Join in welcoming the 27 new homeowners to SaddleBrooke Ranch who closed on their properties in October.

Moving into a new community can be daunting with everything that needs to be done. We are fortunate at SBR to have a team of welcome volunteers who can offer a brief break from the hassle of moving. These volunteers help newcomers actually settle into the community with things that come after the moving boxes. In fact, they even have a Settler’s Guide designed specifically for that purpose.

Each newcomer is also invited to attend an informal gathering of other newcomers that is held monthly. Then as a way to be introduced to the SBR community, photos are taken of the newcomers for the community newspaper, the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup. Some of those photos appear with this article. If you would like more information about any of these newcomer welcome activities, contact Linda Harvey at [email protected] or Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected] for more information.

Important: Anyone who buys a home or villa in SaddleBrooke Ranch, needs to stop by the front desk to pick up important information from the HOA, as there is more to moving in than getting a set of keys. The front desk is located in the Ranch House near the main ballroom entrance.

One of the most popular reasons people move to SaddleBrooke Ranch is for the many wonderful activities available in the community. A list of most of those activities can be seen on the HOA website under “Things to Do.” The 88 clubs on the HOA website are grouped according to seven general topics: Cards & Games, Creative Arts & Tech, Dance-Music-Theater, Interests & Hobbies, Health & Wellness, Social, and Sports.

If your particular interest is not on the website, consider starting a club. Each club was started by a resident with a specific interest, and those clubs now consist of other residents with similar interests. While the HOA is supportive of the clubs, the HOA does not start or run any of the clubs. The variety of clubs listed on the website are a testament to the enthusiasm and wide range of interests among SBR residents. It is part of the good feeling we have of being part of this amazing community. We all share in the immeasurable value these clubs bring.

A favorite activity of the clubs is getting together for Club Expo. This event, held once a year, is when all the clubs listed on the website are invited to meet in order to showcase their clubs for the other residents. Each club is typically assigned a designated table space at which one to two members can talk with residents who wander from table to table deciding what to join. It’s a fun all-community event. Even if you think your time is filled, it is still a fun event to attend just to see some new clubs and visit with your neighbors. Hopefully Club Expo will return in early 2022.

Unit 6: Paul and Cynthia Berry, Philip and Karen Sanderman, Timothy and Diane Connolly, Mark and Pamela Whims, Marc and Katrina Lundgren, Blair Corder and Kay Baker, Jeff and Erin Pricco, William and Norma DuBois, Sheila Muehling

Unit 9: Paul Picchttino and Hildrun-Uta Trirbess

Unit 16C: Dan Ruyle and Shari Stock, Don and Joyce Cox

Unit 17: Diana Walton, John and Mollie Hunter, Anthony and Dianne Signorelli, Steven Connolly and Nancy Sullivan-Jacobs, James Potter and Beverly Croft, Charles and Marcia Wilson, David and Marianne Stalnaker

Unit 46A: Michael Szymanski and Beth Spatz, Kyle and Suzanne Dudley

Villas 14B: Gregory and Elizabeth Walker, Mary Marks

Villas 21A: Eleanor Gibling, Brian and Julie Dzekute, Edie Pierson, Charles and Deborah McGrady