Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills, Co-Chairs

Welcome to our 18 new homeowners who recently moved into SaddleBrooke Ranch, with most arriving in March 2021. As part of moving into SaddleBrooke Ranch, there is a multifaceted program for all new homeowners. Each new homeowner is welcomed by a newcomer volunteer who can answer questions. The program also consists of a Zoom webinar that provides an overview of SaddleBrooke Ranch from the resident’s viewpoint and provides important information, such as how to stay informed with what’s happening in the community. In addition, all new homeowners receive a digital copy of the Settler’s Guide, a custom-designed manual with helpful hints about SaddleBrooke Ranch. The final part of the welcome program is when the new homeowners have their picture taken for the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup. While this is optional, it is a great way to be introduced to the community. The pictures on this page are of homeowners who moved in over the past several months. We look forward to other new homeowners, as well as those listed on this page, having their pictures appear in future issues.

As part of our newcomer program, we are introducing some of the newcomer volunteers. You can view their pictures and learn where they moved from, which unit they now live in, and what they like about SaddleBrooke Ranch and the welcome program. This month we would like you to meet seven of the newcomer volunteers.


Unit 2: David and Lisa George

Unit 3: Jane Taft

Unit 4B: Patricia Cavanaugh

Unit 6: Patricia Reyes and Michele Grigaitis-Reyes, James and Mildred Harvey, Thomas and Andrea Cothran

Unit 9: Charles and Eileen Seelye

Unit 10: Carol Burnett, Terri Patton and Gary Metcalf, Laura and Keith Gilchrist

Unit 16C: Richard and Sandra Buonarigo

Unit 17: Tim and Derri Wagner, Lisa Leslie

Unit 46A: John Murphy and Diane Verkuylen-Murphy, Kenneth and Cathy Lobo, Charles and Susan Knight

Villas 14B: Rodney and Carol Linville, Charlie and Tracy Knoedler


* Deb Sandin moved into Unit 4A in 2018 from Los Angeles by way of Boise, Idaho and Portland, Ore. She enjoys walking the nature trail, Zumba, and water aerobics. She likes “to hear how excited newcomers are to be in this wonderful place.”

* Pete Watson moved from Colorado into Unit 16C in 2018. He can be found just about anywhere in SaddleBrooke Ranch where help is needed. He especially enjoys sharing stories and experiences with newcomers.

* Sandy Getter moved into Unit 14A in 2017 from Colorado. Originally from Minnesota, she worked in the Peace Corps and enjoys Lady Putters, line dancing, travel club, women’s club, book club, Colorado club, and dining out club. She likes meeting the newcomers with their wide “variety of backgrounds, talents, and interests.”

* Judy Fisher moved into Unit 1 in 2019 from Fort Worth, Texas, after living in San Miguel Allende, Mexico for 10 years. She enjoys Zumba, book clubs, women’s groups, bocce ball, and photographing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. She likes to help newcomers “navigate our great community with all the activities and facilities.”

* Vicki Warning moved into Unit 46A from Chicago in 2017. She enjoys golf, billiards, wine club, glassworks, bocce ball, biking, dining out, water aerobics, sewing, and the weather here. She likes “to share what our community has to offer with the newcomers.”

* Linda Newton moved into Unit 16A in 2017. She likes our “community of compassionate people and the variety of activities.”

* Doris Carlin moved into Unit 14A in 2017 from Virginia, by way of Massachusetts, Washington, and Mesa, Ariz. She enjoys golf, Lady Putters, pinochle, trivia, and bocce ball. She likes “learning about the new people” in her neighborhood.

* Linda Harvey moved into Unit 1 in 2011 from Connecticut. She enjoys book clubs, water aerobics, and the dining out club. She volunteers at the Western National Parks Association and enjoys travelling the world with her husband. She especially likes “making newcomers feel at home in our beautiful SaddleBrooke Ranch.”