Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

You have just moved into SaddleBrooke Ranch. Getting to know other new neighbors is a good way to get incorporated into this friendly and fast-growing community. This event gives new residents a chance to meet other new residents, to hear about activities and events at the Ranch. Resident veterans have volunteered to come occasionally, to tell new residents about their experiences since moving to SaddleBrooke Ranch and the activities they have found enjoyable.

If you are new to SaddleBrooke Ranch and have not attended a Newcomer’s Gathering, please join us on Thursday, April 23, for the Newcomer’s Welcome at 3:45 p.m., in the Ranch House SOL Ballroom.

The February Newcomer’s Welcome attendees were Thomas and Maggie Merrick – Unit 4a on E. Ankole Drive; Lawrence and Marianne Handley – Unit 10 on S. Nectar Lane; James and Ulrike Lilley – Unit 14a on S. Canyon Vista Drive; Kathi and Mark Hanson – Unit 9 on Hackberry Lane; Michael and Lori Leonard – Unit 9 on E. Heron Drive; Wayne and Margie Stafford – Unit 9 on S. Hackberry Lane; Tim and Debby Bowen – Unit 10 on S. Nector Lane; Robert and Debra Cressio – Unit 8 on S. Tamarisk Place; Fred and Katy Horstman – Unit 10 on S. Zinnia; Lanney Atchley – renting while building; Eileen and Joel Wagner – Unit 8 on S. Summerwind Dr; Phyl and Karen Peltier – Unit 10 on E. Jaranda Place; and Steve and Susan Irons – Unit 9 on S. Hackberry Lane.