Welcome New Neighbors

Linda Harvey and Linda Shannon-Hills

The Newcomer’s Gathering Meet-N-Greet on April 25 was one of our largest sessions yet giving our new residents a chance to meet other new residents moving to the Ranch. During the Meet-N-Greet, new residents introduced themselves and talked about where they last lived and where they live now in SaddleBrooke Ranch. They learned about activities and events at the Ranch. Resident veterans this month were Mark Wong and Karen Lanning, sharing their experiences since moving to SaddleBrooke Ranch. Linda Harvey went over some of the events and activities new residents may enjoy.

If you are new to SaddleBrooke Ranch and have not attended a Newcomer’s Gathering Meet-N-Greet, please join us on Thursday, June 27, starting at 4:00 p.m. in the Ranch House Inspirado Room (board room).

The new residents attending in April were George Patterson and Shelley Ziegler live on Sabino Drive in Unit 8; John and Dawn Gettman live on Heron Drive in Unit 9; Gary and Julie Boop live on Heron Drive in Unit 9; Dennis and Kay Johnson live on Heron Drive in Unit 9; Joseph and Rosa Seibel live on Heron Drive in Unit 9; Gilbert and Christine Logan line on Heron Drive in Unit 9; John (Dale) and Gwen Burson live on Heron Drive in Unit 9; James and Janet Clark live on Flint Drive in Villas; Michael and Liese Marie Razzeto live on Happy Jack Trail in Unit 16b; John and Liz Larsen-Clayburg live on Flat Rock Road in Unit 46a; John and Nancy Shaughnessy live on Arroyo Grande Drive in Unit 46b; Bob and Georgia Torson live on Arroyo Vista Drive in Unit 3; Georgia Hensley lives on Flint Drive in Villas; Patti and Greg Rulon Bighorn in Unit 7 and Craig Jans and Sandy Prouty live on Ankole Drive in Unit 4a.

Welcome our new neighbors to SaddleBrooke Ranch.