When a Fellow Pickleballer Is Injured on the Court…

Ed Ehrman

Guest writer and SaddleBrooke Ranch Pickleball Club member, Ed Ehrman, provides some invaluable information we should all know. Please take the time to review.

Keeping Pickleball Safe for Everyone

A key objective of our organization is to give you the opportunity to enjoy the sport of pickleball, get some light exercise, and above all, have fun. Although this is not a contact sport like football, unfortunately there is always a risk of an accident occurring.

The club and the HOA joined forces to supply first aid supplies at the courts for your use. This includes four fully stocked first aid kits, an automated external defibrillator, an eye wash station, bags at the ice machine for self-made cold packs to treat strains and sprains, an emergency telephone (cell service is not always good here), and a fire extinguisher (I guess this is for those smokin’ hot return of serve shots?). Should you be unaware of the locations or use of these devices, please feel free to contact me at the courts or at [email protected].

Calling 911

All of the previously mentioned devices are for immediate first aid response for strains, sprains, bleeding, breathing, or other traumatic injuries. In a serious incident or when in doubt, immediately call 911. You will need to give the physical address of your location, which is on the building or posted inside the emergency phone box at the Ramada. All dispatching is done from Florence by GPS location. Do not drive the injured to our firehouse as our paramedics could be on another call and it would waste time. The paramedic’s job is to stabilize the patient and help decide with the patient, if transportation to a medical facility is needed.

Incident Reporting

A less urgent but important part of this process is reporting the incident. We understand in the midst of the incident that people are focused on helping their friend or neighbor. But reporting in a timely manner is also very important. One of the first things the report can do is alert the facilities committee of the incident so they can check the equipment at the courts and replenish as needed. The data can also be used to track and trend incidents. Information could fashion what information we provide players during training or mentoring. It can even help make infrastructure decisions such as when we added two first aid kits to the outer courts. It also provided information to drive the decision to place plastic caps on the low fences on courts 1 and 2 to reduce injuries from players hitting the fence.

Reporting is so important that the club has decided to make it easier for members to report incidents. Both the injured party and/or witnesses can make a report. In fact, multiple reporting is encouraged. We will be adding an “Incident Report” button to the club’s home page at sbrpickleball.club. The button will allow you to print a form and fill it out. You can submit the form using the following email address: [email protected]. You may also pick up a hard copy of the form at the Ramada and turn it in at the same location. The HOA front desk is also accepting completed forms.

The club wants everyone to enjoy the sport, have fun, and play safe. See you on the courts and please don’t run backward!