Where were you when…

Barbara Marriott, a SaddleBrooke author

If you over fifty you are a walking encyclopedia of historic events. Author Barbara Marriott wants to publish your personal memories and remembrances of historical events during the 20th and 21st centuries in a book titled Where Were You When. So much has happened, and so quickly in the past hundred years. Where were you when World War II broke out, on D-Day, when the World Trade Center blew up and many, many other significant events including the introduction of informational and communication technology. Did you participate, were you a bystander? How did the event affect you? What were your feelings or thoughts at the time? Send your stories to [email protected] Check out her writing history at barbaramarriott.com. Here are some events, feel free to write about other significant historical events letting people know where you were, what you were doing and what you remember when.

The Great Depression, World War II,

Pearl Harbor, D Day, V Day, The testing and or the dropping of the atomic bomb, The Holocaust, Decolonization of the British Empire, The Berlin Wall, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cuba Missile Crisis, or feel free to add your own significant historical event.