Writing Guild Enriches Talents

The SaddleBrooke Ranch Writing Guild is a group dedicated to improving our writing skills. We meet on the second Tuesday of each month in the La Vista room at the La Hacienda Club from 1 to 3 p.m. If you have any questions about the club, please contact Joy Hellard at [email protected].


By Carol D. Henry

You showed up on my doorstep

Looking for friendship

Begging for sustenance.

I gave you a morsel.

You washed up.

Then I sent you on your way.

You arrived

Meowing at my door.

I let you in.

You rubbed your scent on me

As if marking me as your territory.

I sent you on your way.

You came again

Clawing at my door

You whined and cried

Like a tomcat on a fence.

I knew you’d land on your feet so

I sent you on your way.

You brought me a gift

And laid it at my feet

As if this token said everything is okay.

You stretched slowly and

Settled on the couch

With an air of indifference.

With a sigh, I sent you on your way.

You came back

Declared I was like catnip

You nuzzled and kneaded and 

Bared your belly.

You insinuated yourself into my heart.

I let you stay.