2 Your Health: Massage Can Help with Leg and Foot Cramps

Heidi Overman, Licensed Massage Therapist, #MT-24997

Leg and foot cramps are very common. I find this to be a prevalent issue in my practice and see many who suffer from cramping almost every night. This breaks up sleep and can cause insomnia and fatigue.

Massage can be a useful tool in helping relieve the pain and possibly helping to relieve the cramps altogether. Massage is meant to lengthen muscle tissue and stretch tendons, release trigger points, and soften muscles. It brings oxygen and nutrients to your muscles by opening the neuropaths and helps give you an overall feeling of well-being.

Generally, there are many lifestyle reasons why you could be getting leg cramps. Common reasons are:

* Mineral deficiencies

* Dehydration

* Sedentary lifestyle

* Overuse, overstretching, or overexercising your legs

* Improper sitting position

* Prolonged standing

Other reasons may be from surgeries such as hip replacement, knee replacement, or back surgery.

There are some pathologies that may be associated with leg cramps:

* Structural issues

* Neurologic disorders

* Musculoskeletal disorders

* Metabolic disorders

* Cardiovascular conditions

* Medications, such as statins and diuretics

Massage modalities can help in many of these conditions. Trigger point therapy, Himalayan salt hot stones, myofascial therapy, and cupping can help release and relax the calf muscles to relieve muscle cramping in the legs and feet.

Drinking more water can help if you are getting dehydrated. We always think we are drinking enough water, but if you’re getting muscle cramps, odds are, you should be drinking more.

Massage is a great way to relieve and possibly eliminate leg cramps. Find a great therapeutic massage therapist and he or she can help you through it!

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