A Taste of Michigan, This Brew’s for You, and a Brazilian Dinner

Ann Vernon

You might question what these three things have in common. The answer is that they are all fixed-price events for the Oracle Schools Foundation’s Spring Fling, which will be held March 6, 2022, at the MountainView Ballroom, HOA2. The Foundation raises money to help fund preschool and other educational endeavors so that every Oracle student has unlimited opportunity to succeed.

Fixed-price events were a new and very popular feature of our 2019 auction, and our 2022 auction will feature something for everyone: dining events featuring Spanish, Italian, Brazilian, and traditional Jewish food; musical entertainment and light food and beverage events where you can learn how to appreciate opera, listen to original musical compositions at a house concert, or learn about the constellations; hands-on art opportunities, such as learning to make a lace collar beaded necklace, stained glass objects, or a heart mosaic; and games and sports events such as learning to swim, enjoying a day at the races, or taking a guided hike to the double crested dome. Last but not least, there will be a number of learning experiences such as fine-tuning your bridge skills, brewing beer, making bread, and learning about birds during a birding hike, followed by a brunch. Fixed-price chairperson Betsy Levenson and her team have worked hard to put together an impressive array of many events that you can sign up for at the auction. Some hosts will set a fixed date and time, but other hosts will arrange a date that works for all who purchased their event. Fixed-price items will have a set price—there is no bidding. They will take place next spring, summer, and fall.

In addition, there will be a live auction of high-end items (consider donating a timeshare, vacation home, or other big ticket items) and a silent auction. Most of us don’t need more “stuff” that we would bid on in a silent auction, but we can take advantage of the talents and services offered by SaddleBrooke and Ranch residents. Popular items from previous auctions included round-trip transportation to the airport, a weekend of pet sitting, or a couple hours of handyman chores. If you like to sew, donate two hours of alterations. If cooking or baking is your talent, offer to make a coffee cake or breakfast casserole for a brunch, an appetizer tray or homemade pizzas for a party, or a dessert for a special occasion. While these services take some time, there is minimal expense for the donor, and auction attendees will eagerly bid on your talents and services. We hope you will contribute to support our worthy cause by donating to the auction and attending on March 6. Contact me, Ann Vernon, at [email protected] or 520-405-2622; I will email you a donation form or fill it out for you. You could also buy gift certificates from local restaurants and businesses and donate them to the auction.