Another Fun Class with the Art Club: Drawing on Black Paper

A few of the participants in the class, Cyndie Rubinstein,
Kathy Adis, and Kathleen Aarons

Dale Farland

The SBR Art Club enjoys offering members traditional art classes as well as non-traditional art classes. Recently, local artist Rebekah Vermeulen taught a class utilizing colored pencils on black paper. She provided detailed instructions on how to evaluate a picture as to emphasizing the highlights and lowlights with the subject matter. Drawing on black paper provides a different perspective in analyzing and presenting the subject. As seen with the photograph, the students created a picture of an owl as well as a landscape. Both subjects required different drawing techniques. It was agreed by all that this was a fun and interesting class, and everyone learned a new method of drawing with colored pencils.

Rebekah previously presented a class on watercolor pencil drawing of flowers. She intends to return in a couple months to teach a variation of that class with landscapes as the subject matter. This upcoming class will be an opportunity to enhance existing skills or learn new artistic skills. We are pleased that Rebekah has joined our team of excellent instructors for the SBR Art Club.