Did You Know?

Linda Harvey

Did you know that Tucson has a national park that you can visit and be back home in SaddleBrooke Ranch the same day?

Of course, I am referring to Saguaro National Park. This park takes its name from the iconic saguaro cactus that grows in this area of the Sonoran Desert. The western part of the U.S. is often depicted by this mighty plant that can grow 50 feet tall and have branches that look like arms pointing to the sky.

Located 16 miles west of downtown Tucson, it is easy to reach by car. While at the park you can hike, walk through the desert garden, or enjoy the view from the air-conditioned visitor center that has nature life displays.

The park is divided into two districts: The Tucson Mountain District, commonly called Saguaro West, and the Rincon Mountain District, commonly called Saguaro East. The two districts are approximately 30 miles apart. While they have similar plants and animals, the west is known for the saguaro forest, and the east has more opportunity to find wildlife.

Check out the National Park Service website at www.nps.gov for a calendar of events including ranger talks, moonlight walks, and much more.