Did You Know? There Are Several Ways To Stay Digitally Connected With The SBR Community

Linda Harvey

HOA Website The best way to stay connected with what is happening at SaddleBrooke Ranch (SBR) is to receive the weekly Ranch Reminder to your email inbox. These reminders come from Alex Baker in SBR Administration. Each person in your household can receive the Ranch Reminder as long as their email address is listed on the HOA website. If you missed any weekly reminder, they can be found archived on the HOA website. To find a past Ranch Reminder, log into the SBR website at saddlebrookeranch.org, then go to “Communications,” “General Information,” “SaddleBrooke Ranch Newsletter,” and then “Ranch Reminder.”

Social Media Sites In addition to the HOA communications, residents use social media platforms for communication that are unique to and/or for SaddleBrooke Ranch residents only.

Nextdoor is a neighborhood hub with residents posting recommendations and exchanging helpful information. Residents also post items for sale or free, lost and found items, and safety and urgent notices. Many SBR residents post pictures and names of their pets under the Pets Directory, which is a good idea if your pet gets out and is found by a neighbor. NextDoor is free to join. If you are in a new unit that recently opened, it may take a bit longer before you can join as the app uses google maps to locate your address. For help to join, refer to: help.nextdoor.com/s/article/How-to-join-Nextdoor. Contact the NextDoor Lead for SBR, Erin Newman, at [email protected]. If you belong to a NextDoor in your previous neighborhood, you will need to resign from it to join the SaddleBrooke Ranch NextDoor site with that same email.

SBR Facebook is a closed group which is only open for SBR residents. Resident posts include contractor recommendations, wildlife photographs, and helpful information. If you are a Facebook user, type SBR in the search field to find the group. You will be asked a couple questions before you can join. You are requested to refrain from including political posts, chain letters, personal attacks, electioneering, personal travel photos and family photos, or inflammatory subjects unrelated to SaddleBrooke Ranch. Contact administrator Linda Shannon-Hills at [email protected] with questions.

GroupWorks Many clubs use GroupWorks to manage club memberships, to send out notices, to schedule events, and to post pictures. This service is free to your club. You can request to join a club listed on GroupWorks by visiting logging in to groupworks.com and clicking on the club of interest to you.