From The New Home Sales Team


SaddleBrooke Ranch was excited to welcome 15 new residents this past month! There are currently 117 homes under construction in the community, so there will be lots of new neighbors to welcome. Make sure to say “hi” if you see someone new!

Our Arts and Tech center now has furniture and the final details are being wrapped up. Homeowners and guests alike are very excited to see the clubhouse continue to progress and it looks fantastic.

Have you been looking to book a Preferred Guest visit to SaddleBrooke Ranch? Now is the perfect time to come see what life here is really like. A three-day two-night visit is only $199 June 1 through September 30. If you want to stay a little longer consider a four-day three-night stay for only $299 June 1 through September 30. Call 800-732-9949 for more information and to book your stay now.