New Discussion Group and Club at SaddleBrooke

Richard Hardy

What Do You Believe?

We all believe something and are hungry for answers. Where did we come from? Where are we going? Why are we here? Our inherent worldview is how we see things. It’s how we attribute meaning and purpose to our lives. What do we think about God? Is there a Creator, or has science shown there is no need for him? Is a God relevant in our daily lives, or are we on our own?

Is modern science at odds with the concept of a creator of the universe and life itself? Can scientists support the belief in an all-powerful God? Do today’s sciences—physics, astronomy, biology, genetics, geology, etc.—really trump faith? To be a modern person, does one have to push faith to the background?

Socrates@SaddleBrooke is a new club that will discuss these big questions of life. Starting March 2021, our topics are “Science and Faith,” “Beginning of the Universe,” “Privileged Planet Earth,” “The Origin of Life,” “The Origin of the Species,” “What is Man?,” “What or Who is God?,” and finally, “Conclusions?”

Check out our website at and our Facebook page. You are invited to join the club and participate in this provocative series beginning March 1 and draw your own conclusions. Residents of SaddleBrooke Ranch and Quail Creek are welcome to join the club as members or as web members.