SBR Pickleball Club Brings Home the Gold

Bronze medal winner Anna Ung

Bronze medal winner Anna Ung

Miriam Brock

Members of the SBR Pickleball Club participated in the Tucson Winter Classic Pickleball Tournament held Jan. 28 through 31 at the Kino South Sports Complex in Tucson.

The Pickleball Club recognizes the following members for their outstanding play.

Gold medal winners: Tony Zoellner and Bob Soucek.

Silver medal winners: Joe Campion, Jen Campion and Jim Hardison, Nanci Messner and Brad Messner, Susan Ness, Sherry Circle, and Kim Ahlgrim-Heine.

Bronze medal winners: Kristi Miller and Joe Campion and Anna Ung.

Congratulations to our winners!