SBR Mudslingers Club News

Ellen Sosin

Looking for something that allows you to express your creativity, or ready to try something new? Well, the SBR Mudslingers might just be the ticket. The SBR Mudslingers is a club for full and part time residents who enjoy playing with clay. Some of us are new to clay and others have been working in the mud for many years. We are a welcoming studio, and we offer introductory classes to help people learn the how-tos of making pottery. The studio supports hand building, coiling as well as throwing on the wheel. Our studio provides an environment for residents to learn and develop an appreciation of the ceramic arts.

Worried about COVID? We have a good plan to meet COVID safety guidelines while not limiting the use of our beautiful large, well-stocked studio. Want to learn more, visit us in the studio on Tuesday mornings or in the afternoons on Tuesday and Thursday.

Our next open introductory class is set for March.

Email Karen Nelson at [email protected] for more information and be sure to check our website at