Putters Welcome New Board

Camille Esterman

Delighted to begin putting again and socializing weekly, the Ranchette Putters welcomed their unanimously elected board at a general meeting on Jan. 5.

Heading the new board is President Jacque Hendricks. Serving with her are: Vice President Susie Merrill, Treasurer Judie Townsend, Secretary Pam Engelhardt, Statistician Doris Carlin, Events Coordinator Jodie Walker-Love, and Membership Chairman Corky Mansmith.

Elected committee members include: Sponsorship—Roxanne Watson, Audrey Gelb, Sue Eggleston, and Anne Ratterman; Scoreboard—Randy Brosnahan; Publicity—Camille Esterman; Shirts and Apparel—Janice Hynes; Set-Up Committee—D. Fitzgerald; Set-Up Reminders—Jackie Boil; Sunshine—Linda Nicholson; and Events—Tish Atchley and Judy Adams.

The club also thanked the outgoing 2020–2021 board: President Linda Sentivanac, Vice President Terry Pendy, Secretary Evie Thompson, Treasurer Judie Townsend, Statistician Doris Carlin, Membership Chair Corky Mansmith, and Events Coordinator Denise Sandoval. Outgoing committee leads included: Sponsorship—Roxanne Watson, Marge Rodger, Sue Eggleston, and Anne Ratterman; Scoreboard—Randy Brosnahan; Publicity—Camille Esterman; Photographer—Connie Garrison; Shirts and Apparel—Barb Miller and Janice Hynes; Quarterly Set-Up—Edie Kellogg; Set-Up Reminders—Sandee Bickelhaupt; and Sunshine—Linda Nicholson and Elaine Klicker.

These ladies served tirelessly for two years, dealt with COVID-related issues, canceled and rescheduled events, prepared registrations and filings for the club, and kept an upbeat stream of communication with members.

During the first quarter of 2020, the club socialized with two gold-level sponsors: enjoying brunch with Alison Honeycutt from Golf Cars of Arizona and coffee with Dr. Robert ‘Steve’ Watson of Chiropractic, USA. Dr. Watson then generously donated his initial consultation fees from our members, enabling the club to contribute to Esparanza Quilters/Casa Alitas project and Canine Companions for Independence.

Pros Mike Jahaske and Ken Steinke provided a clinic and some one-on-one training. The booth at the Club Expo generated 30 new members, while the awards luncheon recognized talented members. Putters also enjoyed “Mardi Gras” while hosting the SB Verde Sputters and had fun on a decorated “Green” green for St. Patrick’s Day.

When the virus closed our community, an article in the SaddleBrooke Ranch Roundup featured Ranchette Putters busily engaged in other activities. In December 2020, the club planned to resume putting with COVID restrictions in place. However another surge of cases and a complete redo of the green prevented play until October 2021.

2022 hopes to be a great year. Ladies gather every Wednesday morning to test and improve their skills. Laughter, encouragement, and hearty congratulations are heard during these sessions. Putting is always followed by socializing, including monthly meetings.

Ranchette Putters is open to all ladies residing at SaddleBrooke Ranch. Guests and new members are welcome. No prior golf experience is necessary—just a golf ball, a putter, and a desire to have fun. The club meets on the SBR 18-hole putting green every Wednesday morning at 9 a.m. Plan to arrive at 8:45 to be assigned to a team.

Additional details on membership can be found on the board outside the pro shop or by contacting Corky Mansmith at [email protected].